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DSC 24/7 Mobile Security Patrols

DSC 24/7 Mobile Security Patrols


DSC mobile security guards have the ability to monitor multiple areas to provide internal and external patrols on foot or mobile from a vehicle. We provide a high profile, overt, high visibility presence or a lower profile, covert, discreet presence depending on the requirements and environment of the client.


DSC would risk assess a client’s requirements and environment guaranteeing the most effective patrols with planned contingencies. 

We provide fully vetted staff through the disclosure and baring service (DBS) and fully security industry authority (SIA) registered all receiving first aid, incident response, counter terrorism awareness, threat assessment training and aware of clients standard operating procedures to maintain the highest level of professionalism and quality.  

Garage Doors

Roles and responsibilities would include:

  • Assess the environment.

  • Be in possession of identification and accreditation with any keys/access requirements needed. First Aid kits carried in all vehicles.

  • Complete perimeter checks of agreed boundaries, fencing and hoarding.

  • Complete internal checks of agreed routes. 

  • Check all internal/external doors and windows are locked securely and free from damage. 

  • Check secure containers and plant machinery. 

  • Challenge/verify any persons present checking identity or accreditation. 

  • Act as conduit between DSC/Emergency Services. 

  • Complete a designated report at every location.

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